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The history of Domaine des Hayons

The gite has undergone multiple conversions since its construction. Even if there are still some grey areas, the estate has definitely had a busy life until today. 

Its Building

This old building dates from the late 18th - early 19th century. Its appearance has changed a lot over the years. 

The Brewery of Hayons

Between 1887 and 1925, the site was dedicated to the production of the Hayons' beer. The whole building on the left was dedicated to this. It was later unfortunately burned down in a fire. 


The poultry farm

As surprising as it may seem, the estate also played the role of a poultry farm. However, it is difficult to date this period.

Hostel & Restaurant

After having been a brewery production site, the domain became a hotel and then a restaurant at different periods during the last century. Most recently, the estate was privately occupied. Since the acquisition in 2016, our family has been renovating it into a modern and cozy guesthouse.

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